Lawyers and businesses that do not leverage AI will be left behind

Our AI-powered solution allows you to have a dialogue with your documents, so you can focus on what you do best: thinking

Use DocChat by Webnyay – India’s first Generative AI product for lawyers

Webnyay's cutting-edge AI reviews legal documents to provide answers and unlocks productivity for you.
AI-powered support helps you work smarter.

Fine-tuned for legal - LLM (Large Language Models) and embedding models with custom-built Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) pipelines with guardrails

Quick and Accurate Document Review

DocChat rapidly analyses your legal documents, providing precise answers and insights, significantly reducing the time spent on document review.

Transparent Source Referencing 

With every response, DocChat provides the source of its answer and analysis, ensuring transparency, reduced hallucinations and allowing for quick verification

Instant Summaries  

Rapidly summarize key details in documents (including contracts, opinions, briefs, and court rulings) without missing important information and faster than humanly possible.

Document review tool can also be deployed (on your servers/cloud) across your KM database. Alternatively, we can set up a secure and private cloud and database for you.

Since March 2023, Webnyay has been evaluating various models and fine-tuning its models with Indian legal documents ranging from legislations and rules, court decisions, circulars issued by regulators and contracts from different industries.

DocChat for Securities Market

Supercharge your research with India's first GenAI product for laws and regulations

DocChat for Securities Market provides the SEBI Legal and Enforcement database to you at your fingertips.
Say Goodbye to manually searching for laws and precedents.
Securities law research is now a simple Q&A with DocChat.


Indian Securities Market Database

Webnyay has processed (using AI) over 70,000 documents - the entire SEBI legal and Enforcement Database. This is to ensure that large language model can give you instant answers to your questions.
DocChat SEBI

Get answers to your Securities Market questions within seconds – Signup and use for free.