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Webnyay provides an end-to-end and secure solution to arbitrators and mediators, solicitors, barristers and lawyers, in-house counsel and experts for managing arbitrations and mediations.

Use document management, electronic hearing bundles, transcription, virtual hearing and breakout rooms, dashboards and other features to streamline your process.

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While you focus on the winning case strategy, let us help you be organised, efficient and tech savvy.

e-hearing bundles

Webnyay has a do-it-yourself platform that allows anyone to prepare a comprehensive electronic hearing bundle online.

With our technology, you can:
  • Paginate or custom-stamp thousands of documents within seconds
  • Hyperlink the entire hearing bundle. This includes hyperlinking pleadings, expert reports, witnesses-of-fact statements, written opening and closing submissions with the relevant and supporting evidence
  • Hyperlink legal authorities and precedents with their online sources
  • Create a hyperlinked Index or Table of Contents in multiple formats
  • OCR documents to make them searchable
  • Prepare for hearings by annotating documents and highlighting the relevant points

Virtual hearing and breakout rooms

The virtual hearing room acts as the arbitration room where proceedings can be conducted online. Breakout rooms are customised for parties and used to discuss internally with team members, hold meetings with clients or discuss procedural issues with the opposing side.

Each room has a dedicated secure and private video conferencing software that is hosted on a secure server. The video conferencing facility comes with advanced features - including admin roles for arbitrators or case managers and video-recording. In addition to Webnyay's dedicated video conferencing solution, we can provide integration with Zoom.

Each room is unique, access-controlled and:
  • Allows the people in the room to interact by exchanging text, audio messages and documents
  • Has an audit trail of all actions (as required)
  • Has the ability to search through the discussion  

Transcription / Speech-to-text / Court Reporting

We provide real-time transcription as well as next-day transcription. We use AI and machine learning speech-to-text technology. The output is carefully checked and amended by a team of expert transcribers.

Our transcribers are based in India and can fly (economy) to attend in-person hearings (if required). We regularly provide transcription for hybrid arbitration hearings remotely from India. Our expert transcribers join over a secure video-conference link and provide real-time (or next-day) transcription.

We also provide a fully-hyperlinked transcript at the end of the hearing. The transcript is hyperlinked to the evidence and written submissions in the electronic hearing bundle

Electronic presentation of Evidence (EPE)

An experienced EPE operator will take care of displaying and navigating the evidence whenever required during the hearing. This may be in support of oral submissions by showing the evidence called by the arguing counsel; it can also help make cross-examinations more effective by seamlessly presenting the evidence under discussion, and enlarging and/or highlighting the passages referred to by the arguing lawyer

Intelligent Dashboards

Stay organised and on top of your schedule with our intuitive dashboard. The platform is designed to be easy-to-use, with a clean interface that makes it a breeze to navigate.

One very-busy full-time arbitrator uses our intelligent dasboard to manage over 40 arbitrations!

Cloud storage and Document Management

Webnyay has a custom-built document management platform for lawyers!

With this technology, you can:
  • Store documents securely on the cloud
  • Share documents with others in one click
  • Serve documents to the opposing counsel, arbitrators and arbitral institution in one click. The service will be effected by email and SMS. All delivery and read receipts will be tracked and stored on the platform
  • Track updates on your wall and get notifications

Calendar and Email Notifications

Use Webnyay’s in-built calendar and email notifications to stay on top of your schedule and never miss a deadline!

With this technology, you can:
  • Schedule arbitration hearings across your docket
  • Schedule meetings with clients, experts, opposing counsel and others
  • Diarise deadlines directly from your procedural timetable
  • Share your calendar with others so they can check your availability for scheduling meetings and hearings
  • Send out emails for new meetings scheduled and receive reminders about upcoming hearings, meetings and deadlines

On-demand Paralegal and Lawyer Support

We can help with preparing indices, custom references for hyperlinking the bundle, renaming files, creating USB drives, etc so your arbitration runs smoothly.
  • We provide paralegals, law students and lawyers to help with any arbitration or litigation-related work
  • Our contract lawyers and support staff have experience working with Magic Circle and US law firms in the USA, UK and UAE. They are familiar with the laws of England & Wales, state of New York, Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Our contract lawyers, paralegals and law students have experience working in India and are familiar with Indian laws and arbitration best practices
  • All lawyers and support staff are pre-vetted and trained. While some are employees of Webnyay, the others act as contractors but are bound by strict confidentiality agreements
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What our users say

“Hassle-free and smooth”

“Webnyay were very supportive during our five-day arbitration hearing. We had a hybrid hearing where the bundle and EPE services were provided remotely from India. It was hassle-free and smooth.”

of an International construction arbitration


“We saved over 50% in transcription and electronic hearing bundle fees when compared to the usual London-based providers without compromising on quality”

Claimant's counsel
in an International arbitration

“Impressed with e-hearing bundle”

“I was impressed with their electronic hearing bundle portal. We could do a lot of things in-house and not wait for their team to do it”

Claimant's counsel
in an International arbitration