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Webnyay is one of the most trusted online dispute resolution ecosystem. Once you work with us, you will never go back to court litigation. We have saved business relationships and improved profit margins. Try us for a few months/disputes and you will notice the ROI!

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Our magic pill

We created a magic pill by combining three things - document automation tech, hearing rooms and legal expertise. This magic pill is the solution to your legal disputes.

Efficient & speedy

Efficient & speedy

No paperwork

No paperwork

Confidential and Secure

Confidential & Secure

Legally Enforceable

Legally Enforceable

Courts are a service and not a place

In the post-COVID digital world, why bother going to court, doing paperwork and waiting years to get justice? At Webnyay, we believe in working with businesses and enabling you to resolve disputes online.

Resolve disputes outside Court

Courts are time-consuming, complex and a hassle. Make the switch today - we have saved businesses millions in legal fees and years of time.

One-stop shop

Looking to resolve disputes with customers, employees, suppliers and distributors? We provide everything you need and do it in a completely legal, transparent and independent manner.

Generate legal notices in seconds

Draft legal notices in seconds. Answer a few questions and notices will be generated instantly. Serve them through the system and keep a record of everything! We customise the algorithms so you can tailor the notices to your style and tone.

Generate legal pleadings

Draft legal pleadings in arbitration (such as Statements of Claim, Defence and Counterclaim, Reply and Rejoinder, etc.) and mediation (notices and position papers) within minutes. This feature can be used by lawyers and non-lawyers. It saves time and money and allows for faster resolution of disputes. With our proprietary technology, you can be assured that the pleadings will be compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

Panel of arbitrators and mediators

We work with experienced professionals (including former judges from courts and tribunals, ombudsmen, senior advocates, lawyers and domain experts) that act as neutrals on the dispute. Each neutral is comfortable with using our platform and conducting the arbitration and mediation process smoothly and efficiently.

Virtual hearing and breakout rooms

The virtual hearing room acts as the arbitration and mediation room where proceedings can be conducted online. Breakout rooms are customised for parties and used to discuss internally with team members, hold meetings with clients or discuss procedural issues with the opposing side.

Each room has a dedicated secure and private video conferencing software that is hosted on a secure server. The video conferencing facility comes with advanced features - including admin roles for arbitrators or case managers and video-recording. In addition to Webnyay's dedicated video conferencing solution, we can provide integration with Zoom.

Each room is unique, access-controlled and:
  • Allows the people in the room to interact by exchanging text, audio messages and documents
  • Has an audit trail of all actions (as required)  
  • Has the ability to search through the discussion

Document Management

Webnyay has a custom-built document management platform for lawyers!

With this technology, you can:
  • Store documents securely on the cloud
  • Share documents with others in one click
  • Serve documents to the opposing counsel, arbitrators and arbitral institution in one click. The service will be effected by email and SMS. All delivery and read receipts will be tracked and stored on the platform
  • Track updates on your wall and get notifications

Dashboards and Analytics

Our dashboards are tailored for lawyers. You can easily track disputes and analyse the data over time. Use data analytics to identify areas for improvement and optimise business processes to reduce future disputes. We will customise this for you!

Calendar and email automations

Webnyay’s in-built calendar and email notifications to stay on top of your schedule and never miss a deadline!

With this technology, you can:
  • Schedule arbitration hearings across your docket
  • Schedule meetings with clients, experts, opposing counsel and others
  • Diarise deadlines directly from your procedural timetable
  • Share your calendar with others so they can check your availability for scheduling meetings and hearings
  • Send out emails for new meetings scheduled and receive reminders about upcoming hearings, meetings and deadlines

Digital Signatures

Users can use the digital signatures capability to affix their digital signatures on pleadings, applications, affidavits, orders, judgments or other documents using Webnyay’s integrated functionality. This also reduces carbon footprint and increases speed and efficiency.

Confidentiality and Data protection

We take confidentiality very seriously. Rest assured, your data is securely stored and safe. Only authorised people have access.

Compliance with data protection laws is our responsibility.

Technical Support

Throughout the hearing, Webnyay's operators will be available to avoid the hearing participants getting distracted by the technology and to troubleshoot any issues. Our operators are used to accommodating different time zones and adapting to tech offered in numerous jurisdictions.
Use Cases

Are you an Arbitrator, Mediator or Conciliator? Do you want to be part of the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) revolution?